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Become your own money master

Living Confidently Suits You.

Transform your (financial) life in the FIT Universe.

It happens to all of us: one day we wake up and realize that we are an adult with money to manage… and with no training to do so! Whatever the circumstances are that has you looking for answers, we have what you need.

The Courses

  • The complete FIT curriculum described below (Fundamentals, Insight, IfcomeTM, Benchmark)
  • Video modules with lessons averaging 8 minutes each
  • Recommended schedule to complete the curriculum (leisurely!) over 4 months
  • Desktop and mobile options for ease of access
  • Value: $1,500

The Coaching

  • Group workshops to guide your curriculum progress
  • 4 private coaching sessions – it’s all about you!
  • 6 additional private coaching sessions upon completion of the curriculum
  • In-app chat messaging
  • Value: $5,500
    (all with FIT Founder Jodi Carter)

The Community

  • Topic-focused conversations, content, and workshops
  • Compassionate and nonjudgmental forums
  • The FIT Team formula: empathy, experience, and ease
  • Accountability that feels like a financial hug
  • Value: Not quantifiable!

Total FIT Universe Value $7,000+

Join the FIT Universe

Duo price*:

*Join with a spouse/partner/friend/sibling to save

Our full curriculum is available in The FIT Universe.
You don’t have to choose, you have it all!

Money tells a story about life. Be a great author.

Insight is an experience of discovery. You will learn about your unique relationship with money and be empowered to uncover your whole financial truth. You will gain the skills needed to make confident financial choices and establish a personal financial philosophy to carry you through life.

What can you expect to

The Insight program will transform your relationship with your finances. This is real talk along with real action steps. We are going to talk about your feelings and shift your perception so that you can be confident about managing the money that flows through your life. And, we are going to implement plans (not just make them!) to establish the best path for your best life.

Yes to financial success with fluctuating and uncertain income.

IfcomeTM is an experience of a paradigm shift. It is time to let go of the starving and noble artist narrative. Artists, creatives, and freelancers are given a new model for financial success that understands the challenges of uncertain income and addresses those challenges in an empowering way.

What can you
expect to

The IfcomeTM program will transform your narrative about your finances. You will gain access to new language that fully expresses the challenges of the ifcomeTM earner. You will learn to balance both stability and flexibility within the career you want to pursue. And together, as the ifcomeTM community, we will change the conversation once and for all!

Your idea of wealth is the only one that matters.

Benchmark is an experience of creation. The world of investing is unnecessarily shrouded in mystery, seems complicated, and feels inaccessible. This is your invitation to clear away the fog and shine bright lights on what you need and want to know. Whether you are ready to invest, are seeking guidance, or are simply curious about how it all works, you will be welcomed into the conversation.

What can you
expect to

The Benchmark program will transform your understanding of wealth. You will be guided to set personal benchmarks for the future you dream of and learn how to focus on the steps to get you there. The lessons translate “financial speak” into something we can all understand. You will learn how to discuss your financial picture with a professional so that you can truly understand and feel confident about the guidance they provide.

Join the FIT Universe

Duo price*:

*Join with a spouse/partner/friend/sibling to save

Answers to questions about the FIT Universe

What’s in the FIT Universe?

A complete curriculum that addresses everything from your money mindset to clear explanations about financial tools that will transform how you view, manage, and use money to shape the future you want.

  • The complete Financial Insight Training curriculum:
    – FIT Fundamentals – the starting point for the transformation of your money mindset
    – Insight – teaches the skills needed to make confident financial choices
    – IfcomeTM – focuses on a new model for financial success for people with fluctuating income
    – Benchmark – translates the language of investing and guides you toward defining what wealth means to you, planning the action steps to achieve it.
  • An intuitive, self-paced, coach-centered learning experience, all on one online platform
  • Private coaching and group workshops
  • Community forums for empowering conversations about the FIT Journey
How is the program delivered?

The FIT Universe is accessed on an online platform called Mighty Networks. Everything you need is all in one place! Once you register, you can access the FIT Universe through our mobile app and on the web.

The curriculum, workshops, coaching and community are all accessible in the FIT Universe and there is no expiration to your membership.

What is the time commitment?

The curriculum itself is divided into short lessons so that you can spend less than 15-20 minutes learning on any particular day.

Our recommended schedule takes you leisurely through the full curriculum over 4-months. There is plenty of room for being busy, vacations, and the general slacking off that is part of human nature!

We encourage you to think of FIT as the beginning of new financial habits that will last throughout your life, rather than a time commitment.

Additional Offerings

As you can tell, FIT Founder Jodi Carter would love to have you in the FIT Universe! And she also understands that we’re not all the same in the ways we make choices, take chances, and reach for our futures. Because of that diversity, here are other ways to access the concepts of Financial Insight.

FIT Fundamentals

If you are not yet sure about joining The FIT Universe, we understand. FIT Fundamentals is a great way to get to know us before going to the next level. Take a free, no-risk peek at our first module, “You and Money.” Begin your FIT Journey with the foundational ideas of Financial Insight, and start thinking about money in a new and transformational way.

• Introductory experience
• FREE access to FIT Fundamentals Module 1
– Experience our curriculum with Module 1 “You and Money”
– Begin your FIT Journey with the foundational ideas of Financial Insight, and start thinking about money in a new and transformational way.
• Guidance on continuing your FIT journey

Cost: Free, no-risk access to Module 1


Register for the FIT Fundamentals – Module 1

    FIT Coaching

    If your focus is on meeting a goal or achieving a milestone, The FIT Universe approach may not feel, well, like the right “FIT”! Our coaching program centers you, your agenda, and your needs – without compromising the learning process. You will accomplish your desired results and transform your money mindset.

    • A personalized coaching experience
    • Targeted approach driven by your goals & values
    • Outcome-driven and rooted in FIT Principles

    Duration: 5 coaching hours scheduled over a maximum of 4 months
    Cost: $3,000

    Bring FIT to your company

    Organizations thrive when they provide resources to help their people live their best lives. There is no better place to start than helping people navigate the world of money. With special group memberships and customized workshops, Financial Insight can become part of your organizational plan.

    Bring FIT to your community

    Communities are established by like-minded people with concerns for serving the needs of those that identify with a cause or challenge. Your community will benefit from financial education that is intended to be tailored for each individual. We are committed to customizing our programs to meet the needs that you want to address.

    FIT Alumna

    “Working with Jodi is like…the greatest experience ever. Jodi doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead she helps guide a conversation that makes you realize your goals and teaches you how to prioritize for them. FIT is extremely empowering because I feel like I have control over that part of my life that I never felt like I had before.”