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See money and what is possible for your life in a new way – in a you way.

While some financial guides offer one-size-fits-all advice, the Insight program specializes in recognizing your unique relationship with money and empowering you to uncover your whole financial truth. We listen without judgment and teach without reservation, so that you can craft your ideal life, supported at every turn.

Who is Insight by FIT
especially for?

We use our expertise to serve committed individuals who are open and dedicated to transforming their money mindset. Whether you are looking to grow from lack to luster or from uncertainty to confidence, we will meet you where you are. With our immersive, personalized program, you’ll succeed in learning how to create a full life that you’re in control of and fulfilled by.

What can you
expect to experience?

The Insight Program will transform your relationship with your finances. You will experience a shift in perception, learn what’s needed to make confident financial choices, and establish a personal financial philosophy to carry you through life.

Intuitive and tailored learning that fit you

FIT Fundamentals

Let’s start at the very beginning! Insight starts with the fundamentals:

  • Learn the language of Financial Insight
  • Heighten your awareness of what matters most to you and how your financial choices are impacting outcomes
  • Discover the path to your personal benchmarks for financial success

Insight Curriculum

Saying what curriculum is: these are your lessons, online videos, asynchronous learning

  • Explore your relationship with money
  • Align your values and financial facts with new skills for confident choices
  • Establish your financial philosophy as a foundation for your future

Insight Live

What is it? These is your time to have group coaching, ask questions live, etc.

  • Live Q&As to affirm your learning
  • Tools and how-to interactive workshops
  • Direct coaching

Insight Community

We are a product of the conversations that we participate in. By engaging in the FIT conversation, either as part of the FIT Community, or by bringing FIT to your existing communities, you will strengthen your skills, making them the new paradigm of your confident financial life.

  • Discuss life transitions
  • Achievements celebrated
  • Thoughtful engagement for ongoing progress

Other FIT Offerings Include:

FIT Alumna

“Working with Jodi is like…the greatest experience ever. Jodi doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead she helps guide a conversation that makes you realize your goals and teaches you how to prioritize for them. FIT is extremely empowering because I feel like I have control over that part of my life that I never felt like I had before.”

Get started today!

Start feeling that confidence that suits you oh so well.