Become your own money master.

Living Confidently Suits You.

Financial Insight Training Program

Our premiere online program transforms your relationship to your finances. You will experience a shift in your perception, learn what’s needed to make confident financial choices, and establish a personal financial philosophy to carry you through life.

  FIT Essentials FIT Mastery
Online Curriculum
  • 4 learning modules
  • 3 month access
  • Work at your own pace
Yes Yes
Feedback on Course Work
  • Online submission
  • Email support
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Private Facebook
FIT Community Membership
Yes Yes
Private Coaching Essentials Coaching:
  • 1 hour private coaching session with a member of the FIT team
  • Available for three (3) months after start date
Mastery Coaching:
  • Essentials Coaching plus
  • Three (3) one hour private coaching sessions with FIT Founder Jodi Carter
  • Available for six (6) months after start date
Tax Consultation n/a
  • 30 minute session focused on taxes
  • Learn best practices for working with a CPA
Investment Consultation n/a
  • 30 minute session focused on investing
  • Learn best practices for working with a Financial Advisor
Enrollment for Partner/Spouse Individual enrollment only
  • 50% off the regular cost of enrollment for partner/spouse
  • Same start date required
Alumni Coaching Discount n/a $100 off per session
Alumni Perks
(priority on future offerings & discounts)
Yes Yes
Cost $400 $1200

“Living Mindfully is the Path to Living Confidently”

FIT Principle #7

Ifcome Program

This program has been developed with the singular purpose to help our friends who are actors, dancers, entertainers, freelancers, creatives – who gig and earn money on a non-predictable schedule to master their finances. Our radical goal is to empower a tribe of thriving artist.

“Take Control and Create Your Financial Philosophy”

FIT Principle #2

Private Coaching

Private coaching is for Individuals, Couples or Families. It is most effective after you have built a foundation with the right concepts and tools so we recommend enrolling in the Financial Insight Training program before requesting this service. We also understand that there are some circumstances that make private coaching optimal. If you think this is the best option for you, let’s discuss!

“Time is money’s best friend and your best tool”

FIT Principle #8

Speaking Engagements

We welcome the chance to bring our enthusiasm about financial development to your group or company via specialized workshop opportunities.

Based on customized designed program

Student Workshops

Depending on the age of the students, programs range from basic finance for younger groups to the Decade$ program designed for high-school and college age students in which they make choices moving through a forty year period to see the outcomes and learn valuable skills.