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Living Confidently Suits You

Transform your money mindset,
establish your personal definition of financial success,
and invest in the life you want.

This is the finance education you have been looking for.

The FIT Universe awaits your arrival! With three transformative programs that cover every aspect of your financial life, you will have everything you need to succeed.
It happens to all of us: one day we wake up and realize that we are an adult with money to manage… and with no training to do so! Whatever the circumstances are that has you looking for answers, we have what you need.

Imagine having all of your money questions answered, once and for all. Imagine going through life with the knowledge that you’re making the best choices for you. With a complete curriculum that addresses everything from your money mindset to clear explanations about financial tools, plus live workshops, access to private coaching, and a community to have the empowering conversations that will lead you to everything you want in your life, you are in the right place!

You have also arrived at the perfect time. You’re not late to the game because you can’t be late to a conversation that starts with you. Your current circumstances are the starting point, and we are going to meet you right where you are. It’s time for a big financial hug!

Money tells a story about life. Be a great author.

Insight is an experience of discovery. You will learn about your unique relationship with money and be empowered to uncover your whole financial truth. You will gain the skills needed to make confident financial choices and establish a personal financial philosophy to carry you through life.

Yes to financial success with fluctuating and uncertain income.

IfcomeTM is an experience of a paradigm shift. It is time to let go of the starving and noble artist narrative. Artists, creatives, and freelancers are given a new model for financial success that understands the challenges of uncertain income and addresses those challenges in an empowering way.

Your idea of wealth is the only one that matters.

Benchmark is an experience of creation. The world of investing is unnecessarily shrouded in mystery, seems complicated, and feels inaccessible. This is your invitation to clear away the fog and shine bright lights on what you need and want to know. Whether you are ready to invest, are seeking guidance, or are simply curious about how it all works, you will be welcomed into the conversation.

Your journey in the FIT Universe includes:

Intuitive Self-paced Learning

• Interactive learning modules
• Work at your own pace
• Unlimited support

Immersive Real-world Courses

• Live Q & A Workshops
• Tools and skills
• Guided implementation

World-class Expert Coaching

• Compassionate and nonjudgmental
• Tailored and personalized to you
• Powered by empathy, experience, and ease

Engaged Community Access

• Topic-focused conversations
• Forums for discussion
• Connection with like-minded members

Leadership that combines the power of empathy, experience, and ease.

Though it touches every area of our lives, dealing with money can be confusing, intimidating, and sometimes shameful. As a result, the language around it is often clumsy, complex, and inaccessible. Financial Insight Training is designed to support and lead you to truly master your financial life—inspiring greater awareness, and choices aligned with what you really want.

Jodi Carter

Jodi’s passion for Behavioral Finance—a field that examines the relationships between money and psychology—has propelled FIT to reach beyond a conventional approach in order to provide members with a framework for making strong financial choices, both day-to-day and during the many significant transitions that occur in their lives.
FIT Alumna

“Working with Jodi is like…the greatest experience ever. Jodi doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead she helps guide a conversation that makes you realize your goals and teaches you how to prioritize for them. FIT is extremely empowering because I feel like I have control over that part of my life that I never felt like I had before.”

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