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Clarity is the path to your best choices.

Living Confidently Suits You.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is the program delivered?

FIT is an online core curriculum made up of four interactive learning modules. You get personalized feedback on coursework, unlimited email support, and invitations to three live Q&As with founder Jodi Carter and Team FIT. You have the freedom to complete the lessons whenever it works for your schedule within your three month access period!


How do the Live Q&As work?

Jodi and Team FIT will answer your questions in a virtual, live, group session. You can attend the session live, or watch the recording later if it works better for your schedule. You can ask questions in advance, and can indicate ahead of time if you’d like to interact with us directly during the Q&A, or would prefer to have your question asked and answered anonymously. No one is ever asked to divulge private or personal information in a group setting.


Should I enroll in Financial Insight Training or apply for private coaching?

We encourage you to enroll in Financial Insight Training because the core curriculum is the key to shifting your perception. We love private coaching because we want to get to know you and be your partner in making financial choices; however, we recognize how much more effective that time is after you have built a foundation with the right concepts and tools. For those enrolled in the program, private coaching is available as an add-on. If you’d still like to apply for private coaching, you can check out our offerings here!


I’m in a relationship, should we both enroll in the program?

Ideally, yes! You each need to understand your relationship to money in order to come together and make choices that make you both happy. Working through the program as individuals is the most powerful approach. With that foundation in place, the program will provide you with communication skills that will keep money from being a roadblock to happiness in your relationship. Sharing financial confidence and not relying on a partner to handle financial matters empowers couples to live truly fulfilled lives.


How much time will I need to commit to be successful in the program?

The core curriculum itself requires less than eight hours of viewing time over a three-month period. Once you are practicing Financial Insight in your life, it will typically take only five minutes per day.


I don’t have a steady income; will this program work for me given the uncertainty?

The challenges related to inconsistent income sources are both real and more common than you think. In FIT, we specifically address this issue and how to manage it. We even have a special name for this topic: ifcome™! If this is an important topic for you, FIT is still for you!