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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s in the FIT Journey?

3 programs delivered in 1 extraordinary experience.

We’re proud to offer full access to all 3 of our coveted programs (Insight, Ifcome, and Benchmark) in an intuitive, self-paced, coach-centered learning experience. You will experience specialized curriculum, events, coaching, and community that will transform how you see, manage, and use money to shape the future you want.


How long is the FIT Journey?

12 month, self-paced, intuitive learning with unlimited access. The course experience we’ve designed is modular, flexible, and immersive. You will have 12 months to explore pre-recorded courses, attend topic-driven events, network with like-minded individuals, access curated content, and take advantage of private coaching.


When does the FIT Journey start?

The FIT Journey begins when you register! Though the curriculum will become available in January 2022, we are releasing batches of 2021 early-access memberships starting in October. Early-access members enjoy:
• Special Pricing
• Live Events & Exclusive Content 
• The FIT Community
• Group Coaching Sessions


What are the prices?

Beginning in 2022, the 12-month membership costs $95/month (Total $1,140). We are currently offering 2021 early-access memberships with special pricing as follows:
• $50/month for 15 months (Total $750) - register by October 31st
• $60/month for 14 months (Total $840) - register by November 30th
• $75/month for 13 months (Total $975) - register by December 31st
• $95/month for 12 months (Total $1,140) - full price begins January 1, 2022


How is the program delivered?

FIT includes an online core curriculum made up of three programs: Insight, Ifcome, and Benchmark. These programs--along with live events, forums, and curated content--are all available within The FIT Universe on an online community platform called Mighty Networks. Everything you need is all in one place!

Your membership login provides access to that online community via Once you register, you can access The FIT Universe through our mobile app and on the web.


Why is the program 12 months and how much time do I need to commit to be successful?

The program is 12 months because our money mindset and behaviors take time to shift. Over the course of 12 months, you will learn new ideas, plan action steps, implement those actions, and practice new habits. You will evaluate your progress, ask questions, get coaching, learn new ideas, plan action steps, implement those actions, and practice new habits. Yes, we said that twice and you will likely repeat that process several times as you learn and grow!

Rather than thinking of FIT as a time commitment, think of it as the beginning of new financial habits that will last throughout your life. The curriculum itself is divided into short lessons so that you can spend less than 15-20 minutes learning on any particular day. This will help you create consistency in your financial habits.

FIT Alumni have said that the programs don’t actually add time to their day, because instead of using their time to be uncertain and worried about money, they used that time to learn new strategies and feel empowered about money.


I’m in a relationship, should we both enroll in the program?

Ideally, yes! You each need to understand your relationship with money in order to come together and make choices that make you both happy. Working through the program as individuals is the most powerful approach. With that foundation in place, the program will provide you with communication skills that will keep money from being a roadblock in your relationship. Sharing financial confidence and not relying on a partner to handle financial matters empowers couples to live truly fulfilled lives.


I don’t have a steady income; will this program work for me given the uncertainty?

The challenges related to inconsistent income sources are both real and more common than you think. Jodi is so passionate about working with people in this circumstance that she created a whole course about it! Having ifcomeTM (fluctuating income) is not a barrier to financial success. In our ifcomeTM program, you will gain access to new language that fully expresses the challenges of the ifcomeTM earner. You will learn to balance both stability and flexibility within the career you want to pursue. And together, as the ifcomeTM community, we will change the conversation once and for all.


How do I know if this is the right time to do FIT?

You may think you need to have already accomplished certain things like paying off debt, or reaching a certain level of savings, or being at a new level in your career before taking on your finances. Take those barriers away because the truth is … you’re already taking on your finances every single day. You being here and asking this question means it’s the right time. FIT will support you with the challenges you’re facing, and will guide you toward your definition of financial success. This program will meet you wherever you are in your financial journey.