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Financial Insight:
be the author of your life story

“We know how important money is, but because we don’t feel safe discussing it, we pretend it isn’t at the heart of every choice we make.”

Every decision you make – from your partner, to your house, and even your morning coffee – is a financial decision. By understanding your unique relationship with money, and establishing your personal definition of success, you will journey through life’s financial milestones with confidence.

Available in e-book, paperback, hardcover and audiobook.

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In Financial Insight, Jodi does the impossible. Through her graceful take on first seeing us as people, she helps us take away that thing that so many of us attach to money, shame. No matter where you are in your current financial journey, Jodi honors that place and becomes a wise and strategic guide through your travels.

— Tyler Merritt, Author of I Take My Coffee Black and Creator of The Tyler Merritt Project

Jodi Carter’s Financial Insight is a must-read for anyone who is looking for a more thoughtful and action-oriented approach to their finances. Working with Jodi completely revolutionized the way I view my own financial journey, helping me to identify and eliminate points of fear in order to take action and actually build wealth. I’m thrilled that readers around the world will now get to reap the benefits of her wisdom too. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be coached by Jodi personally!

— Macy Schmidt, Music Director and Orchestrator, Forbes 30 Under 30

This book is the answer for all of us who were raised in a time where money was the focus of everything, and yet we were never taught what to actually do with it. Jodi breaks it down so you no longer have to be afraid of money and can make it work for you.

— James Monroe Iglehart, Tony Award Winning Actor and Director

Jodi’s guidance in explaining how our relationship with money impacts the way it flows in our lives is a godsend! She illuminates money matters in a way that is so inviting and welcoming! Trust me. You need this book in your life!

— Derrick Baskin, Grammy and Tony Award Nominee

Jodi’s calm, kind, and clear voice cuts through the fear that is always in the background of our minds when it comes to money. This book will help you see the big picture and begin to chart your own course with clarity and confidence. Financial Insight is the education we all need and is especially welcoming for those with a nontraditional career like mine. This book is worth its
weight in gold!

— Scott Schofield, Actor, Writer, Producer, and Speaker

Jodi Carter has an incredible knack for making the overwhelming world of finance feel accessible, understandable—and dare I say it—exciting. If you’re looking to create a relationship with money that FEELS good, you won’t find a better guide.

— Mark Fisher, Founder of NYC’s Mark Fisher Fitness

Jodi has written the kind of financial empowerment book I wish someone would have put in my hands 30 years ago. There is no shame, guilt, or fear here; only education, intention, and hope. We can all do this.

— Jen Hatmaker 4x New York Times Bestselling Author


In my 35 years of professional experience as a behavioral and health psychologist, I have rarely been as impressed as I am with Jodi Carter’s fantastic book, Financial Insight. In one elegant and easily understandable book, Jodi provides a compass and map, a virtual GPS, that guides people toward a deeper understanding of their relationship with money. I am eager to recommend this book to my friends, family, and patients alike.

— Clifford N. Lazarus, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist;
Founder and Director, The Lazarus Institute for Multimodal CBT

Jodi introduces a whole new way of relating to money and defining financial success. She takes your hand and promises to guide you, gently and confidently, and reveals that there really is no mystery to managing your money. With financial insight, you’ll discover that a positive relationship with money is achievable and intuitive no matter how old you are or how much money you have.

— Austin Scott III, Actor and Director

Financial Insight is your passport to unlocking financial freedom. This extraordinary book combines expert guidance and practical strategies to empower you to take control, make smarter decisions, and create a brighter future. Authored by the wonderfully captivating Jodi Carter, this must-read book presents transformative insights that resonate with your deeply personal journey towards financial success, allowing you to script your own prosperous life story.

— Ean Castellanos, Actor and Director