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Tired Takeout (and the Unwanted Dessert)

October 4, 2021
Jodi Carter
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We all do it. We have a fridge full of food; but we’re tired and we don’t wanna cook! Sometimes we’re craving that feeling of being taken care of—we want to feel like someone else did the work. Or maybe the thought of cleaning up after we eat is our breaking point. Whatever the reason, we reach for the app and order “tired takeout”.

As you curl up on the couch wishing it would hurry up and get here, preferably into your lap instead of even having to go to the door, you feel justified, satisfied—even validated. You earned it!

After you eat, you notice the “ick” settling in. Why are you now thinking, “I can’t keep doing this”? Why did you forget that you feel this way whenever you order tired takeout? You didn’t ask for it, but that tired takeout came with free dessert oozing with shame and topped with savory regret!

I hear this story all the time. In coaching sessions, before even looking at the data, the “tired takeout” confession is blurted out:

  • “When you see what I spend on takeout, you will be shocked.”
  • “I don’t want to see the amount I spent on takeout. I have to stop.”
  • “I spend an embarrassing amount on takeout and I know that I have to change.”

After assuring them that this is a judgement free zone, I like to ask for a best guess of how much was spent on takeout in the prior month. Before we dig into the financial facts, let’s state the belief out loud. This exercise helps demonstrate how much the facts matter: most of us cannot accurately guess.

After the guess, we look at the data to learn the real number for the most recent month (the financial fact). Whether the guess was high or low, the next declaration is often, “Well this month was different because . . . .” And so, we then go further and compare a series of months to see how the guess measures against the data. It’s often not accurate, further demonstrating the importance of the financial facts.

There is nothing inherently wrong with “tired takeout”

The thoughts that follow “tired takeout” are what needs your attention. The shame-regret dessert is telling you that you are not making confident financial choices.

The purpose of digging into the data in this way is NOT to give up takeout once and for all. We want to bring awareness to “tired takeout” in order to get an accurate understanding and make adjustments, if needed. You will then be able to set yourself up to really enjoy takeout… and maybe you’ll add a sweet treat for dessert, as well!

Read more about takeout habits and ideas for eliminating shame-regret desserts in The FIT Universe.

Read more about takeout habits and ideas for eliminating shame-regret desserts in The FIT Universe.