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The Origin of the IfcomeTM Paradigm

January 25, 2023
Jodi Carter
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I have been in awe of live theater since I was 7 years old. My uncle took me to see The King and I on Broadway and I was hooked! This passion grew throughout my life, and I have had the good fortune to work with many artists throughout my career.

When I first started working with artists, I realized that many of them were burdened with the “starving artist” narrative. This long-held belief says that artists can’t be financially successful. In my conversations with artists, I wanted to honor their challenges while still moving them toward empowering ways of relating to money.

I will never forget the coaching session when I first used the word ifcomeTM. I gave the client a way to talk about his fluctuating and uncertain income, and watched the relief wash over him. This led to a complete paradigm shift. Unlike steady income earners, artists are constantly making career choices. Managing those career decisions requires a balance between artistic pursuits and financial stability.

The ifcomeTM paradigm was created with a course dedicated to ifcomeTM and workshops that promote a thriving community of artists. I am so proud to have taken this to the next level by securing the language of ifcomeTM with a trademark on this powerful word. In the ifcomeTM paradigm, artists are empowered to have honest discussions about the challenges of walking the balance of making career decisions that bring them the most fulfillment.

Fluctuating income is in no way a barrier to financial success. Join the FIT Universe and become part of the IfcomeTM Paradigm today.