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Is Financial Success a Number?

October 4, 2021
Michelle Kuchuk
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The idea that financial success is defined by an amount of money is so common that one financial firm created a marketing campaign around it by asking “what’s your number?” We all yearn for a way to measure how we’re doing in the grand scheme of things.

This is the same need that has us question “What is the meaning of life?” In Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl argues that this is the wrong question. Instead, ask what is the meaning of your life. What is the unique thing you are equipped to do, seek to do, and find intense passion from doing it? WHEW. Pondering these questions can seem daunting! But it’s easy to see how they would yield powerful answers.

Instead of asking “what number equals financial success?” ask, “what does financial success mean to me?” Our culture forwards the thought that everyone wants more money and to retire early. Do you think that was Betty White’s plan? To retire early? I know what you’re thinking – “but she’s doing stuff she loves!” And that’s exactly the point!

Reflecting on this question will open up a new way of thinking about what you are seeking. Imagine your most fulfilled, most alive, most truly delighted self. What would you be doing? This is not just about spending – this is about the decisions that we’re making about our income, our work, our savings, and more. The decisions that enable us to do, experience, and really live a life that lights us on fire. When you have those ideas—that vision—in mind, we can begin to work on the financial aspects that will move you in that direction.

What does financial success mean to you? Learn how to answer this important question in the FIT Universe.