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Invest in the Life You Want

June 23, 2022
Jodi Carter
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The title of this piece sounds like a typical investing blog lead in. You might expect to read about personal strategies for accumulation, earnings, and growth. But that’s not what this is about! As a matter of fact, I believe that leaving all that to the experts is the best way to build wealth.

Your role is far more important, and it can’t be outsourced. Investing in the life that you want means that you are in charge of the two most important factors.

Focus your time and energy in the right direction. 

  • Determining the “right” direction is the most personal part of the financial planning process. It is your dreams, your desired outcomes, your goals, and your inspirations that are the driving force. For many people, that process takes a lifetime because they don’t take the time to think about what will bring them fulfillment (and some never figure it out). In FIT, we focus on heightening our awareness so that we don’t lose precious years that could be used to implement our plans.
  • Once you have clarity about the direction, eliminating the distractions is your top priority. Make sure that you focus on your dreams and goals. The financial plans will only be successful if you are bringing your vision to the conversation. There is no financial success without a measure for what that success looks like. And no one but you can define that for your life.

Be intentional about the use of money in your life. 

  • With the knowledge that every choice is a financial choice, you’re completely in control. Acting as if you are not aware, or that you are somehow a victim of circumstances is not an option! Acknowledging that you have control of the money that flows through your life is powerful.
  • The only valid option for someone who is in control is to be intentional. Intentional does not mean strict or perfect. It means to be deliberate and to act with purpose. Having a thoughtful plan that you engage with regularly is how you act with purpose. If you find yourself faltering or sliding into habit patterns, think about your direction and get back on track.

There is no Financial Advisor, investment strategy or investment that can take the place of the vital role that you play in investing in the life you want. The only reason for a financial plan to exist is to fulfill on your dream, and it is your actions that will determine the success of that plan.


Invest in the life you want in the FIT Universe.