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Internal Noise Cancelling

October 4, 2021
Jodi Carter
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I wish we could create noise cancelling headphones for the conversations in our minds! It takes so much work to quiet the disruptive mental chatter when we are making financial choices. If we could just turn the volume down by slipping something over our ears…! Alas, our ears are not the filter for our internal dialogue.  

Whenever we have an important choice to consider, our mind goes into debate mode. We go back and forth and around in circles trying to find a solution. As we go through this mental churn, the thoughts that we have are often a combination of our own voice and the voice of others.  

The other-voices-phenomenon is most noticeable when you know the choice you want to make and imagine telling others about it. You anticipate their response and prepare your rebuttal. 

What about when it is more subtle? When you feel less confident about the choice, can you recognize the voices? Are you able to distinguish between your actual concerns and the opinions of others that are clouding your path to clarity? 

Knowing your values—what matters most to you—is vital. Without this clarity, you are far more likely to make choices that don’t move you toward your best life. Taking the time to discover your values and actively working them into your thoughts is a worthwhile endeavor. It creates a deep, intuitive understanding of what matters most to you. With this level of clarity, you will experience ease and confidence when making financial choices. 

It turns out we have a noise cancelling tool after all!  

Develop your noise cancelling tools in the FIT Universe.