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Financial Insight = Love + Money

June 24, 2022
Michelle Kuchuk
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When FIT members are getting started, they often share concerns like, “I’m so worried about what I’m going to have to give up” and “I don’t think I can reach my goals without cutting out everything I love.”

It’s no surprise that they feel this way because our culture promotes this idea that you have to choose between the things you love and being “good with money.” All of the well-known cookie cutter financial advice talks about cutting stuff out, restrictions, and saving for emergencies and retirement. There is no discussion of the life that is happening between now and this indescribable retirement bucket. It reminds me of the uninspiring nutrition advice, “Eat less, exercise more.”

Financial Insight is the formula that brings what you love (aka your values aka what’s most important to you) and your money (aka your data aka your financial facts) together. As you continue to reflect upon the values you identified in Fundamentals, begin to look at your choices. You’ll start to notice which choices are aligned already, and which of them may not be aligned. This will be true for your spending choices, as well as accumulation, debt management, and income.

With this developing sense of clarity, you will naturally begin to make choices that move you in the direction of your goals, and in the direction of what you love. Anything that you choose to change will happen because you are recognizing that money is being used for things that are not meaningful for you. There would be no reason to give up things that you love. As you learn to let go of judgement, replace that view with love. Replace “What do I have to give up?” with “What do I truly want?” and you will soon find yourself with love and money being aligned in the ways you always dreamed of!

Align love and money in the FIT Universe today.