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Financial Insight for Couples

November 17, 2021
Jodi Carter
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Why do couples fight about money? They have chosen to build a life together, accepting each other’s career choices, hobbies, interests, style, and overall well-being. They plan to live happily ever after but forget to talk about money or believe they can convince their partner to do things their way.

There are two key factors to establishing great communication with your partner when it comes to financial matters. The first is discovering the origin of your relationship with money and how it impacts you today, and the second is knowing what matters most to you and effectively sharing your values.

Your relationship with money comes from experiences you had as a child. Your earliest money memories impact your beliefs about money and those ideas can be traced like a thread throughout your adult life. Being aware of this and how it shows up in your decision making is vital to being able to discuss it with your partner. Keep in my mind that you have a relationship with money, your partner has a relationship with money, you navigate financial choices together, and you each have feelings about how the other is managing money! Untangling this web of feelings can be the difference between great communication or a lifetime of fighting.

Knowing what matters most to you, your values, is not as easy as it sounds. Your life is full of shoulds, from the expectations of your job, social circles, and even from well-meaning loved ones, and discovering your values is challenging. Once you have clarity about your values, being able to communicate about it in an empowering way with your partner is a skill that requires practice.

Couples face many challenges when it comes to their finances. There is often a disparity in income between two partners. There are decisions to be made about how finances should be combined or maintained separately. Questions about joint expenses, planning for a family, career changes, and long-term decisions about saving for the future are just the beginning of the conversations that couples encounter over a lifetime.

Navigating all of this with great communication makes a big difference. In Financial Insight Training, each partner participates fully as an individual, and then we come together to have special conversations about the challenges that couples face.

Join the conversations designed for couples to enhance communication and determine the best strategies for your relationship in the FIT Universe.