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Decluttering Your Financial Home

August 26, 2022
Jodi Carter
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We all have tasks that we delay, put off, or avoid. Raise your hand if medical claims or merchandise returns hang around haunting you?! (My hand is way up in the air!) Thinking of these things as financial clutter was a revelation for me. To say that I dislike clutter is a big understatement. So how could I take this clutter-free mindset and use it to help us with financial tasks?! Follow these steps to clean up your financial clutter:

• Make a list of the financial things that clutter your mind or space. Don’t worry about the order or length of the list. Just get them all out so they have a place to exist.
• Create physical spaces for physical things. Put the mail on your desk for review. Choose a separate spot for medical bills and insurance forms. Put items that need to be returned, with the receipt, in a bag by the door. For anything you have to mail, make sure envelopes and other shipping supplies are in one place.
• Create digital spaces for digital things. Set up a “Financial To Dos” folder on your laptop and/or in your email to keep things in one place and eliminate future searching.

Once you have organized the clutter, choose one thing to take care of. That’s it, just one! Decide when you will do it and put it in your calendar. When the appointed time arrives, you’ll know where everything is, making the task much easier.

Then, repeat! Just one thing at a time.

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