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July 28, 2022
Jodi Carter
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People often tell me they’re too busy to work on their finances. After telling me this, they explain why. The details of their busy lives are always different, but I find that the underlying cause is the same—and it’s not actually about being too busy. I’ve never had a name for it before, though. In a recent workshop, I suddenly came up with the word I was looking for.

Busistance (/ˈbizˈzistəns/) – the state of believing that you are busy when, in fact, you are in a state of resistance.

In the busy culture that we live in, everyone seems to believe they are the busiest person they know. Ask any CPA in April and they will tell you how amusing it is when people say they don’t have time to get us the information we need to take care of them.

We all go through busy periods, it’s true. But if you’re busy 24/7/365, it’s likely you’re using that label of “busy” to mask resistance.

When something is important to you and you are not taking the steps to treat it as such, that’s a sign that you are dealing with busistance.

Busistance is the predominant obstacle when it comes to financial success. With all of the concepts, tools, and support available in the FIT Universe, if you’re avoiding taking the first step – particularly the easiest step – it’s possible that you’re experiencing busistance.

Naming it as such will help you uncover the source of the resistance. When you can communicate about the source, you’ll have the opportunity to resolve it. Suddenly, you will find the time to focus on what truly matters to you.

Join the FIT Universe and overcome your busistance.