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Living Confidently Suits You.

We Believe in the Transformational Power
of Financial Confidence.

At Financial Insight Training, we’re driven by a desire to shift the widespread mindset that money is a scary or even taboo topic. Instead of accepting that you’re “good” or “bad” at your finances, we want financial conversations to be accessible and routine. The FIT program achieves this by cultivating the skills you need to inform both daily decisions and life-changing choices – and encourages you to enhance them by participating in the FIT community. Just as you would go to a trainer to get in shape or see a coach for career advice, we want to be there to support you throughout your long term relationship with your finances.

The key idea is Financial Insight—knowing where you stand money-wise, and developing clarity about what you truly value. Empowered by this knowledge, you’ll have the confidence to make choices tailored to your circumstances with your truest desires in mind.

By keeping the approach personal within a group setting, FIT provides the necessary tools for individuals to realize their path to unique, value-aligned financial choices while building a community of people who have empowering conversations about money and all things connected to it. Our goal is helping those we serve enjoy full, empowered lives, lived with ease and confidence.

“Every Choice is a Financial Choice”

FIT Principle #3

About Jodi Carter

For decades as a CPA, I watched hundreds of individuals, couples, and families from all different financial levels and circumstances make thousands of choices. Good choices, bad choices. I worked to course correct with people who made mistakes and I was in awe of those who always seemed to get it all right. This unique view, coupled with my passion to help people shift their financial lives from stress to freedom, sparked my desire to figure out how to teach people how to live their best lives. I began by being bold and asserting myself with clients. Then others were referred for coaching.

As people shared the impact my approach had, I realized that extending my reach could make a real difference in an area that is vital to happiness. This motivated me to create FIT. After years of teaching groups live in-person, I’m excited to offer this online version of FIT to make this knowledge and experience accessible for everyone who wants to embrace living confidently with choices tailored to fit their financial life.

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