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Ease and freedom in ways you’re yet to imagine

Living Confidently Suits You.

We Believe in the Transformational Power of Financial Confidence.

At Financial Insight Training, we’re driven by a desire to shift the widespread mindset that money is a scary or even taboo topic. Instead of accepting that you’re “good” or “bad” at your finances, we want financial conversations to be accessible and routine. Just as you would go to a trainer to get in shape or see a coach for career advice, we want to be there to support you throughout your long-term relationship with your finances.

The key idea is Financial Insight—knowing where you stand money-wise, and developing clarity about what you truly value. Empowered by this knowledge, you’ll have the confidence to make choices tailored to your circumstances with your truest desires in mind. With a complete curriculum that addresses everything from your money mindset to clear explanations about financial tools, plus live workshops and access to private coaching—all housed within a larger community to support you—you are in the right place!

By keeping the approach personal within a group setting, FIT provides the necessary tools for individuals to realize their path to unique, value-aligned financial choices while building a community of people who have empowering conversations about money and all things connected to it. Our goal is helping those we serve enjoy full, empowered lives, lived with ease and confidence.

The FIT Manifesto

About the perception of money matters we believe . . .


You have a unique relationship with money, and nurturing this relationship is important.


It is human nature to compare yourself to others. Compare where you are now to a vision of your best life, instead.


Finances tell a story about your life. We can teach you to be the author.

About the universal truths of money we believe . . .


Data is the access to your financial truth. Understanding your data (aka your financial facts) will give you the knowledge and freedom to make confident financial choices.


Aligning your values (what matters most to you) with your data (the financial facts) is a vital skill that you can learn.


The cultural phenomenon of secrecy around money is not serving you. With empowering language and a forum to speak about your finances, you will develop confidence and ease.

About financial success we believe . . .


You should define what financial success looks like for you.


Earning ifcomeTM (fluctuating or uncertain income) is not a barrier to financial success.


Financial success is not a destination or end game. It occurs in our day-to-day experience with money.

FIT Alumna

“Working with Jodi is like…the greatest experience ever. Jodi doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead she helps guide a conversation that makes you realize your goals and teaches you how to prioritize for them. FIT is extremely empowering because I feel like I have control over that part of my life that I never felt like I had before.”

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